What is a Medical Massage?

Simple- it is when a practitioner applies massage techniques in an effort to decrease the problem of pain and inflammation according to a specific goal as established by your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. It is a part of the overall plan of care to calm the muscles and decrease the level of spasm and dysfunction. The techniques used include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, strain/counterstrain, deep tissue, and neuromuscular therapy.


What Are the Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy?

Pain relief is often one of the biggest benefits of medical massage therapy. This type of therapy can also reduce inflammation in the body, improve digestion, improve blood circulation, and increase a sense of calmness in the patient. Many patients who were previously feeling lethargic due to the constraints of their injury or condition may even notice a significant increase in their energy levels after medical massage therapy.

You do not need a prescription for massage therapy, although we always encourage you to let your doctor know that you are coming in for massage.

The time between sessions is another factor. Multiple sessions have a cumulative effect if done close together. You will get more out of 5 sessions spread out over 5 weeks, with a 3-4 month break afterward, than out of 5 sessions spread out over 5 months. Our sessions progress to deeper body layers and to related muscle groups when we can see you again within 1-2 weeks. With longer than 2 weeks between sessions, some work will need to be repeated. And it will likely take more total sessions to solve the issue. Once you are out of the pain cycle, regular maintenance session once every 4 weeks will keep you feeling pain free.

We offer massage therapy sessions $80 for introductory, $50 for 30 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes, $ 135 for 90 minutes, $ 180 for 120 minutes.

We currently accept both HSA and FSA cards at our office. You must call and check the ‘conditions of use’ for your plan. Some plans require a prescription for treatment from your doctor as well as a diagnosis. We are happy to provide medical receipts based on this information, for your insurance.

We cannot accept other forms of insurance, but we are happy to provide a medical receipt for you to submit on your own. To find out if you have coverage, call your carrier and ask if you have ‘manual therapy coverage provide by a massage therapist’, some plans may have coverage but it requires you to go to a physical therapist or doctor.

Call us or Book Online, we do not take walk-ins. Typically we cannot accommodate same-day appointments. We are available six days a week, Monday - Friday from 9am - 8pm. & Saturday from 9am - 6pm.

Yes, we offer youth massage and youth sports massage services for children between the ages of 8-17. Whether it’s stress or sports related, our therapists treat your children with the same care and respect that you’ve come to expect from us. The child under 18 must have guardian with them during the session.

Not at this time, our female therapists are trained to work deeply. Please give the therapist feedback during your massage and remember, massage does not have to hurt to be effective.

After we finish the intake section of a session, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress, get onto the table, and under the sheet/blanket in privacy. Only the body part being worked on is undraped and privates are always covered as required by state law. We encourage all clients to get used to receiving massage without clothing, especially if they have low back or hip problems, which require work directly on the hips, gluteals, and pelvis.

However, not everyone is comfortable without the protective barrier of underwear, and clients can leave underwear and other clothing on at their discretion. Our therapists can use different techniques and work through clothing if needed.


No, we do not do house calls.


Ask us a Question

Feel free to ask any physical therapy related questions over the phone, or get send your question via clinic@lakelandmedicalmassage.com . Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.