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If you are suffering from pain in your back, neck, shoulders and/or other parts of your body, then Medical Massage is your answer.

For a long period of time, its been believed that one technique, such as deep tissue massage, can solve all problems. What if we told you that was a false statement? When the causes of pain are different, the problem areas are going to be different, so how can only one technique resolve all those issues. It can’t.

Medical Massage combines a variety of techniques, depending on what the practitioners determine is affecting your muscles. Sometimes we’ll use isometric stretching to release muscle tension before we use trigger point therapy on the hip area. Or we might do myofascial release on the injured area to break down scar tissue, before switching to a neuromuscular technique to resolve the problem. On working in the same affected area, we may even use 4 to 5 different techniques to give you the needed relief.

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